In determining your positionality you assess and evaluate your current educational attainment, vocational proficiency and financial literacy. Where the three spheres of influence intersect is where you find your current positionality, which is very different from your preparedness. Once your positionality is determined and further aligned to your career personality, you can then determine a true pathway to your future career goals.



Income for most is determined by the market value of their labor, paid as wages and salaries. Individuals can increase their income and job opportunities by choosing to acquire more education, work experience, and job skills. The decision to undertake an activity that increases income or job opportunities is affected by the expected benefits and costs of such an activity. Through transition it is imperative you make an assessment of:

  • Your financial needs and requirements

  • An accounting of expenses and costs currently support through Military Housing Allowance pay

  • Insurance and Benefit costs

All cross referenced to

  • Your career level, occupation and Industry standard compensation pay bands. Your target location cost of living adjustments. Your experience and educational application to employment landscape


As you transition from the Military you have a huge, and for what may be the first, opportunity to chart your future career pathway. CMA teaches a curriculum based on these three pillars in their Warrior Transition Workshops for Veterans, Service Members in Transition and their families.

Each of us have limiting factors to our career pathway to be minimized, eliminated or overcome. The key is to make an honest introspection of career expectations against those factors and make an authentic, planned, progressive outline of how to tackle each limiting factor with the end goal in mind.

CMA's objective is to have a new generation or transitioning Military Members who approach their career planning with an understanding of their educational limitations or strength, the financial requirements and goals, how their hard and soft skills fit into today's employment market and where those factors intersect to create a plan for their career path.


It’s never too late to empower yourself through education and use it to advance your success. Education gives you an opportunity to build a foundation in which you can accomplish greatness. The chart to the left provides a visual reference for discerning the education requirements and standards for your chosen career path and current posionality.

Importantly, these factors are always in motion.

Warrior Resources

Financial Literacy

The US Family Health Plan at CHRISTUS Health delivers full TRICARE Prime benefits to the family members of active-duty military, activated Guard and Reserve, military retirees and their family members - and has one of the highest member satisfaction rates in the entire Military Health System.

Learn More about the US Family Plan at Christus

In 1981, CHRISTUS Health (formerly Sisters of Charity Health Care System) began caring for military beneficiaries as part of the Uniformed Services Treatment Facilities. In 1993, we, along with other US Family Health Plan programs around the country, became the first government-sponsored managed care plan – the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (US Family Health Plan/USFHP) and enrolled our first members. USFHP serves the health care needs of over 12,000 military beneficiaries in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, and more than 90,000 families nationwide. US Family Health Plan strives to deliver high-touch service to exceed military and commercial health care standards, provide care that’s close to home, give families excellent health benefits at a great value.

Vocational Proficiency

Employer Network
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HireMilitary provides access to paid training and employment in the last 6 months of your Military service. The DoD Skillbridge program authorizes you to participate in apprenticeships, on the job training and internships anywhere in the country and even in some overseas locations. These full-time opportunities provide valuable experience and can lead to meaningful careers. Where do you look? Who do you contact at companies to identify these opportunities? What companies want to bring you onto their team? Click to get matched to Internships

Mentor Network

CMA and Veterati have partnered to provide mentorship on demand to the CMA Military Community. Veterati is the most advanced, digital mentoring software in the market to connect transitioning service members and military spouses with successful professionals, for the critical ADVICE, Community, and Connections to navigate through and beyond their military transition. Click on the picture above to sign up to connect with Veteran Mentors.

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Join American Corporate Partners personalized career mentorship program and experience a yearlong mentorship to assist you with your civilian career goals. ACP will hand pick a Mentor for you based on your career interests and professional history. You and your Mentor will create a tailored action plan for the mentorship and speak monthly to make progress on your goals, and ACP staff will help guide you through the mentorship experience to ensure success. Click to connect with ACP

Educational Attainment

DeVry Advantage 500 Program
We are proud to announce our partnership with DeVry to bring you the Advance 500 Scholarship, from Centurion Military Alliance.

As a Centurion Military Alliance Warrior Transition Network participant, you’ve dedicated yourself to serving others—we understand that your family has, too. We want to acknowledge and return that dedication as you prepare for the next stage of your career and family life beyond service.

This award lets you as a Centurion Military Alliance participant pursue your education at DeVry, and bring one of your dependents along for the journey, at zero tuition cost for your family member!

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Fastport funnels access to Employers who have registered Apprenticeship Programs. The Registered Apprenticeship is a unique, flexible training system that combines job related technical instruction with structured on-the-job learning experiences. Each Registered Apprenticeship is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and is a paid job that focuses on training candidates to become experts in their field. On-the-job focused training allows the best candidates to become masters of their crafts in a wide variety of careers across the country. Employers and job seekers benefit from apprenticeship because it is considered the “gold standard” for talent development.

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