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Dr Steven Hall, CMA Co-Founder

"CMA epitomizes the very best of transition assistance programs offered today and is considered a ‘force multiplier’ for the DOD Transition Assistance Programs and Transition GPS ‘outcome-based’ curriculum – designed to complement, support and further facilitate service-members’ transition to the civilian sector.”


Luis Morales, MBA Fort Hood Attendee

“…The Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) event was probably the most authentic, and enlightening transition workshop I have attended thus far. The personal stories about the pitfalls of life post military service and how to properly plan to land "feet first" were remarkable. I will definitely remember and use the knowledge given as I continue on my transition path. The financial overview, LinkedIn deep dive and salary negotiation techniques were all added value.”

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CMSgt , Jennifer Anthony

“Thank you Centurion Military Alliance! walked away from your 1-day day Workshop in complete awe of the commitment you have made to those preparing for transition. CMA is making such a difference in the lives of so many, including mine!”




And 94% would refer a colleague or friend to the event

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Sean Passmore - Talent Acquisition, USAA

“Some programs assisting transitioning veterans focus entirely on the short term goal of finding a job after leaving military service. CMA’ 3 pillars of Financial Literacy, Educational Attainment, and Vocational Proficiency are aimed at meeting the long-term goal of finding lasting, meaningful, post-military careers.”


Greg Lengyel, U.S. Air Force Major General (Ret)

“Before I retired from the military I had no idea how challenging my transition would be. Fortunately, I quickly found a tremendous network of people and organizations willing to help. Tops among them is the Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) - a family and veteran run organization that exists solely to help transitioning military members and families. This is not TAP 2.0. You'd be amazed at the resources they can pull together for a workshop. I'm a previous participant, and now a huge advocate and supporter.”


CSM Steven Brown

"CMA is an organization that assists, supports, and genuinely cares about a Soldier's transition from military to civilian life. As a retired Command Sergeant Major, I know firsthand how hard and challenging the transition can be. Any help and assistance provided by CMA is vital for our military personnel to succeed in today's ever-changing economy."

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Daniel Newbold

“When I was being interviewed by Booz Allen, I was literally asked to give my "30 second elevator speech" ...I definitely had a little chuckle inside because I'd just came up with it the month prior with CMA.”

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Rafael Paredes

Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) is not just an organization, but a community of professionals, experts, and resources that is extremely influential in the transition cycle of a service member. They provide personalized case management and they have partnered with multiple organizations to bring a host of resources to assist veterans, service members, and their families. They are the support team in the corner ensuring that veterans and service members are not facing their transition on their own. The community aspect is palpable when you are present in one of their workshops or get personalized assistance; you are not doing this alone. Their effectiveness translates into veterans, service members, and their families being able to become contributing members of society using the skills and leadership experience gained through their service to our country. Our country already spent a significant amount of resources training veterans and service members; CMA is able to prepare them and take them to the next level where they can translate their skills to those in the civilian sector.